Jiaxin Xu graduated from Beijing institute of Fashion Technology. After graduation, her enthusiasm for fashion motivated her to pursue her studies in Toronto. Taking her background in graphic design as an exceptional advantage, Jiaxin reinvented herself as a fashion designer and found fashion label JIAXIN XU in 2015. She has been chosen as one of 25 finalists for TELIO’s annual ‘Canada’s Breakthrough Designers’ competition. Jiaxin ’s graduate collection was showed on S/S 2016 World Mastercard Fashion Week. These opportunities enabled her to gain national exposure.

JIAXIN XU is a Toronto/China based fashion design company. She describes the woman she designs for as ‘at once chic, edgy and sophisticated.’ Playful, sassy, elegant; every item of clothing designed by Jiaxin Xu is a reflection of her personality. Every article of clothing from her exclusive collection conveys her exquisite taste. Inspiration gives birth to each unique item, allowing the wearer to boldly stand out from the crowd. When enveloped in one of her pieces, the wearer immediately understands that the Jiaxin Xu brand is built upon uncompromising quality and design.

华人设计师Jiaxin Xu毕业于北京服装学院后继续来多伦多深造第二学位专业服装设计。2015年获得加拿大创新设计师TOP25荣誉。毕业设计光与影系列获得最佳面料设计大奖,随后应邀作为年度优秀毕业生参加2015年多伦多Mastercard国际春夏时装周,期间得到媒体一致好评。
设计理念:时髦的,是与众不同的,是有着古灵精怪好品味的女孩。独家,少量,出色是JIAXIN XU品牌想要传达给每一位穿者的感受。设计师将自己不经意被触动而灵光乍现的瞬间表现出来,带给穿者独特,有设计感,品质出众的服饰。JIAXIN XU品牌所传达出的时尚理念是一种不张扬于尘世而又不沉沦于默默无闻之中,追求自我完美懂的享受生活,不特立独行却又不同于平常的生活态度。